Infrared Testing

We are pleased to offer state of the art Thermal Infrared Electrical Inspection Services. We utilize an industry standard FLIR Infrared Camera.
This is a relatively new technology to the electrical field.


Who can benefit from this service? Many insurance carriers and governing bodies now REQUIRE annual thermal imaging inspection of electrical equipment. Hospitals, hotels, building owners, homeowners, factories, etc. can all benefit from this service. This is also an excellent way to get an idea of the health of a facilities’ electrical system BEFORE you buy. Call ESCo. today to find out more about infrared testing.


Loose electrical connections generate heat. Overloaded electrical systems also generate heat. These heat sources waste energy, cause failures resulting in equipment loss and failure and can ultimately start a fire. The infrared camera is extremely sensitive to minor temperature fluctuations. We can “see” loose connections and overloaded circuits before they become a problem, a loss, or a fire.


An Electrician operates the camera testing all of your electrical equipment. A full color report is generated upon completion and the Service Manager reviews the report with you.


Why Electric Supply Co.?

What sets us apart from most thermal imaging companies is that our camera will be operated by a trained electrician. Minor repairs will be made immediately and at no additional charge. Major problems will be immediately brought to your attention. You will not have to wait on a report and then wait on your electrician to interpret the report for you.


We are pleased to include repair recommendations and pricing in your report if you wish. Most thermal imaging companies request you provide an electrician to open equipment for them as they are not licensed to do so. In the end, you have to pay for an Imager and an Electrician.
That is not the case when you choose Electric Supply Company.